Editor’s Picks – Best Digital Products of 2013: Jawbone UP

Having bubbled under the surface with niche GPS, fitness and watch concepts, Wearable technology went mainstream in 2013 with launch of the crowd-funded Pebble, the Korea-funded Samsung Galaxy Gear and the the venture-capital-funded Jawbone UP:


Jawbone UP
RRP $149

Much more than simply a fitness device, Jawbone UP monitors sleep cycles, movements, eating habits, moods and work/life balance to provide myriad data on how users live their lives — all through tablet and smartphone apps.

Best Feature: The intuitive smart alarm that wakes you up at the optimal time.

When the UP was big-upped at its launch presser earlier this year, Jawbone’s head of international partner and product development, Jorgen Nordin, said wearables and fitness was a new frontier for consumer technology:

The whole category of these kind of products is completely brand new, but everybody knows that the category is coming. I believe that it is actually something that consumers will be asking retailers for. And our mission is to make this available across retail [and] to get it in as many consumer electronics channels as possible.

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