Editor’s Picks – Best Digital Products of 2013: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7

Hipsters of the World: Unite and take over!

Having observed its Micro Four-Thirds comrade/competitor Olympus successfully target those modern young things that love everything presenting a passable cover version of authenticity – hipsters by any other name – Panasonic chose the world’s biggest sand island (!) to launch its first dedicated street photography system camera.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7
RRP from $1,279

Targeted at street photographers and enthusiasts looking for a lighter solution than a DSLR kit, Panasonic’s GX7 marries retro design with the latest in digital imaging technology. Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity make for convenient image sharing while the 22 filter effects will appease those who like to fun with their photography.

Best Feature: The 90-degree tiltable Live View Finder with 2,764,000 dots.

While on Fraser Island for the sandy launch of the GX7, Digital Retailer caught up with Panasonic marketer Alistair Robins to find out what the key messaging was for this retro kit:

Our message to retailers is to make sure you are selling the GX7 to the right customer. It has a small body and a lightweight lens. If a customer comes in wanting to buy a DSLR, they might be going on a once in a lifetime holiday — with a lighter system they can take much better images than a compact and images that are just as good as a entry-level DSLR, but without the bulk.

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