Editor’s Picks – Best Digital Products of 2013: Apple iPhone 5s

It is a strange peculiarity that the iPhone 4s still exists but the iPhone 5 is gone for good. The release of the colourful but otherwise pointless 5c distracted a lot of commentators from the sheer joy that is the 5s.

Once you get used to iOS 7’s unique rainbow patchwork you’ll wonder how you ever lived without that pastel palette, or maybe not, though it must be said that I don’t find the new design anywhere near as offensive as some respected rival hacks.

While I was skeptical at first, the fingerprint scanner is amazing, both in ease-of-use and reliability, and it is a joy to no longer have to enter my passcode 500 times per day. One of my friends, however, commented to me that he hasn’t set his up because “I don’t want Apple to have my fingerprints”.


Apple iPhone 5s
RRP from $869

The latest in a stellar production line of smartphones, the 5s adds the new A7 chip for superfast operation and comes preloaded with iOS 7, a huge advance from previous iPhone operating systems. The iSight camera is now essentially a compact, complete with in-built filters for creativity and burst mode, while fingerprint detection will please some users sick of always entering passcodes.

Best Feature: FaceTime calling in audio only mode means you need never pay for a call again.

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