Editor’s Picks – Best Digital Products of 2013: Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Australian design studio Blackmagic created the Cinema Camera to answer a question that had been bugging CEO Grant Petty for almost 20 years: ‘why can’t there be a digital camera that gives a ‘film look’ and works as easily in post production as film?’.

Rather than becoming consumed by this frustration, Petty and his team got to work, eventually creating one of the most acclaimed Australian digital products of all time:

Blackmagic Cinema Camera is an Australian success story.


Blackmagic Cinema Camera
RRP $3,295

Winner of the overall 2013 Australian International Design Award, this pocket-rocket of a Full HD video camera provides a much cheaper alternative to budding filmographers than the name-brand cameras on the market.

Best Feature: Filming in RAW format enables much greater post-production without affecting image quality.

In an interview with Digital Retailer shortly after winning the Design Award, Petty said his major concern when launching the Cinema Camera was that it may confuse potential customers:

We were worried when it was first released that people might not understand it, but they have understood it well and the reception has been great. People tell us that the design seems so obvious and solves so many problems with cameras, but it sure was a lot of work to get to that design!

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