ACCC seeking feedback from companies that have suffered product recalls

Over the past decade, nearly every supplier in the Australian appliance and consumer electronics industries has suffered a product recall. While none can match the prolific number of recalls from Woolworths, product recalls are much more common and widespread than most think, from the benthic brands on the bottom shelf to the super-premium models sold pro forma.

The ACCC is currently conducting a survey of companies that have been forced to recall products. The goal is to gather knowledge from those affected so it can make improvements to the processes.

The ACCC administers the product safety recall provisions of the Australian Consumer Law and monitors the effectiveness of suppliers’ recalls to ensure that unsafe goods are removed from consumers. We are seeking the views of suppliers who have recalled goods to identify potential improvements to ACCC Recalls publications and the online recall notification and reporting tools for suppliers.

The 5-minute survey asks questions such as, who did you first contact to begin the recall process, and how successful are different media in communicating the recall.

Click here to complete the ACCC product recalls survey


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