Clean lines and better features: Electrolux to launch new floorcare range

Electrolux is set to expand its floorcare line-up next year with new models in its Ergorapido convertible handstick range, promising a new aesthetic and a design that improves on previous iterations of the vacuum cleaners.

Built like a traditional upright handstick vacuum, the Ergorapido also incorporates a handheld vacuum cleaner that can be removed from the main body for spot cleaning.

Offering a preview of the new range at a product showcase in Sydney yesterday, Electrolux’s product marketing manager for floorcare, Noel Hsu, said the Ergorapido range was a central part of the brand’s line-up, offering consumers portability and versatility without compromising on performance.

“Everyone has one of those handhelds at home – you use it to clean benchtops, or the car,” said Hsu. “But what if you want to do similar jobs to clean the floor? There was nothing in the market, up until 10 years ago. That’s why Ergorapido was invented.

“Over the years, we’ve added a lot of unique features. For example we’ve added LED headlights at the front — that’s not encouraging you to vacuum in the dark — it actually helps you to go into corners, or under the bed or table, so you can see what you’re sucking up.

“We’ve had these for 10 years now, so we’ve been through two generations. We did research to find out what the consumer wants from these vacuums. When we did the survey, we realised there was nothing wrong with this product. It comes in so many different colours which consumers like, because this product is designed to be displayed.

“It’s designed to do the instant cleaning job — you’re not supposed to put them in the cupboard, and when you want to use them you have to pull them out. That’s too much trouble. They’re designed to sit in any part of the household and you can clean as you go.”

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With the product designed to be on display, Electrolux has redesigned the aesthetics of the Ergorapido for the next generation of products, set to hit the market early next year. The brand also surveyed consumers to gauge the market response to the new design; according to Hsu consumer perception of the Ergorapido is “so important” to Electrolux as the brand sells 5,000 units of the product daily around the world.

Unlike their predecessors, the new Ergorapido models are designed to stand up on their own, without the need to park them against a wall or in a stand, and they offer 20 per cent more running time. Available in blue, white, grey and red, they also feature a more futuristic design with cutaway stripes on the side and orange accents — a colour that will be rolled out in “many of the design details” of future Electrolux product.

“With the new generation, the look is obviously quite different. When we did a survey around all different parts of the world and we realised this metal front is actually quite preferred by current consumers because it’s being portrayed as more trendy and modern.

“Because Electrolux is a Swedish company, everything we do is modern and clean. And because it’s a vacuum cleaner, it’s very important that it looks clean.”


The new Ergorapido range is due in retail stores in February 2014 and will be available for $329.

The 2014 Ergorapido line-up.

The new models feature a more futuristic design with orange accents.

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