Smeg hosts foodies at high concept showroom event

Smeg continued its creative approach to customer engagement last weekend, hosting ‘The Cook, The Stylist, the Photographers…’ at its showroom in Banksmeadow, in south Sydney.

This was a ticketed event giving foodies the opportunity to learn more about food styling and food photography. The stars of the day were Good Cafe Guide editor Jill Dupleix, stylist Berni Smithies and photographers Edwina Pickles, Steven Siewert and Marco Del Grande.

“It was a brilliant day, and everyone who came just loved it,” Dupleix said. “Being able to workshop good food photography in a stunning showroom with everything laid on, from a great breakfast to a wonderful crew of creative people, made it very inspiring. I wish all my food shoots were this gorgeous!”

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This is just the latest in a broad series of consumer engagement activations from the Italian brand. Smeg is also giving away 10 Vespas to high value clients and participated at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival earlier this year.

Attendees gather to see food styling in action in Smeg’s showroom.

Exotic yoghurt concoctions were on the breakfast menu for guests.

Hands on with berries.

…and a good time was had by all.

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