Image Gallery: Inside Electrolux’s oh-so-Swedish showroom

While some of its appliances are manufactured in Australia, there’s no doubt that the design cues for Electrolux appliances are from Sweden. went to the brand’s showroom in Sydney to see the Scandinavian product in situ…

Electrolux’s Sydney showroom shows off a number of appliances from the Electrolux brand family, with different designs to target different styles.

The showroom is noteworthy for its open spaces and clean lines.

While the majority of the showroom footprint is given over to major appliances, Electrolux’s small appliances range also gets a look in.

Here, the premium AEG brand is given time to shine.

The showroom features panels with quotes from the brand’s designers, including this statement from AEG’s head designer (click image for a larger view).

The showroom also features a working kitchen that is used for product and cooking demonstrations.

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