Uniden announces Tokyo-based CEO for Australian subsidiary

Uniden has taken the unique step of appointing a Japanese-based executive to run its Australian and New Zealand business. Kaname Hisatsugu was today announced as the new CEO of the Australian subsidiary, working out of the company’s global head office in Tokyo.

Hisatsugu replaces Kaz Yoshino, who had been Uniden ANZ CEO since 2010.

Overseeing the Australian office and reporting to Hisatsugu will be Uniden ANZ chief operating officer Vic Sacco.

Uniden media statement:

Mr Hisatsugu first joined Uniden in June 2013 as group head of Global Information Centre at Uniden Corporation in Tokyo, Japan.

By September 2013, Mr Hisatsugu was promoted to deputy chief executive officer and general manager at Uniden Corporation’s Sales Group. He also holds the position of chairman of Uniden America.

Mr Hisatsugu brings a wealth of experience to the role with over 20 years in IT and consulting including roles at Dell and Fuji Xerox. Mr Hisatsugu previously held many senior management positions in sales and marketing and has extensive international experience in the Asia Pacific region.

Kaname Hisatsugu media statement:

I am honoured to take up the role as CEO of Uniden Australia and New Zealand and am confident my contribution will help drive the company’s growth and success to the next level.

Uniden has a strong brand, good relationships with our consumers and a quality team. Uniden’s business environment is experiencing unprecedented evolution and becoming faster-paced and more competitive.

Uniden needs to forecast and respond to changing trends quickly to keep up with these changes. With my in-depth understanding and know-how of the business, combined with strategic insights and resource management skills, Uniden will continue to deliver the best value to our customers and offer new solutions that cater to the marketplace.

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