See SpotClean Run: Bissell’s latest floorcare product deserves demonstration

Bissell has extended its range of alternative floorcare appliances with the launch of the SpotClean — a new deep cleaner designed for carpets and soft furnishings that utilises water and a cleaning solution to remove household stains.

While Bissell is well established as a vacuum cleaner brand in overseas markets, marketing manager John Brennan said the Australian division of the company was focused more on non-traditional cleaners.

“In Australia we tend to focus on the real problems in the house,” he said. “We really focus on, ‘How do we make life easier for everyone?’ We know that if you drop any liquids on your carpet, you’re probably getting out a sponge or a bucket or a spray that you bought that’s under the sink, or maybe you Google it and someone says to use soda water — all that rigmarole.”

Brennan said the SpotClean was designed to make removing stains easy. In other words, “It allows you to live life without getting angry.”

The device features two separate tanks — filled with warm water, the left tank pushes the water (and added cleaning solution) down to the brush head at the end of the SpotClean’s hose, allowing the user to spray carpets and brush the cleaning solution and water into the pile. With the touch of a button, the cleaner head then sucks this water up from deep within the carpet pile and deposits it into the second tank in the SpotClean unit.

The cleaner features Heatwave Technology to keep the water warm, and Bissell has also developed three cleaning solutions for different needs: a Spot & Stain cleaning formula for breaking down dirt, an OXYgen Boost formula for coloured stains such as wine and a Pet and Stain Odour formula for organic stains.

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According to Brennan, the product is best sold in retail stores with a demonstration. was given a first-hand glimpse of the product in action and the before-and-after results were reminiscent of an infomercial.

“We would normally put a little tag around it saying ‘Try Me’ because it really is the best way for people to understand it. We have some demonstrations in store — all the stores are set up to demonstrate — and we tend to use Vegemite, and really rub it into the carpet, and that cleans up in 30 seconds. We can do those demonstrations really quickly, and people say ‘wow’.

“The problem with demonstrations is people don’t quite believe us!

“It’s a demonstrable product, because it does clean up things very quickly. But in retail, it’s a matter of getting retailers to do that.

“Bissell recommends vacuuming a section of the store’s carpet then running the SpotClean (filled only with clean water) across the same area. As the company has proven in its presentations to retailers, the resulting filthy water seen gathering in the output tank is a true eye-opener.”


The product is available now for RRP $199. Retails also have the advantage of making add-on sales of cleaning solution (available for RRP $14.95 per bottle) which are only sold through the retail channel.

The Bissell SpotClean.

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