Revitive LV


Revitive LV uses electrical muscle stimulation and is designed to: give relief from tired, aching and heavy legs and feet and will help maintain leg vein health

Electrical muscle stimulation activates the calf and foot muscles to help pump blood up through your feet and legs back to the heart. It is used for 20-30 minutes per day in the comfort of your own home.

When your leg muscles are inactive for long periods, while standing or sitting, the blood flow in the leg veins slows significantly and fluid pools within the leg veins. This causes the uncomfortable feeling of tired, aching and heavy legs.

Revitive LV has been scientifically tested, has an award winning design and easy-to-use toe touch operation. It has intensity levels of 1-50 and 8 waveform variations. It is drug free therapy for legs and feet and comes with a 24 month warranty.


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