Revitive IX


Our most advanced circulation booster. Revitive IX uses electrical muscle stimulation and is designed to: improve leg circulation, reduce swollen feet and ankles and alleviate tired and aching legs.

Electrical muscle stimulation activates the calf and foot muscles to help pump blood up through your feet and legs back to the heart. It is used for 20-30 minutes per day in the comfort of your own home and has remote control for ease of use.

Revitive IX has been developed and tested by researchers at leading UK universities and has won the prestigious Red Dot design award in 2012. It incorporates patent-pending technologies: The IsoRocker® System and Wide Pulse Waveforms, which allied to the 1-99 intensity levels and 15 waveform variations delivers our most powerful stimula-tion.

The Revitive IX is a clinically tested medical device, is drug free and includes TENS electrode pads. Revitive gloves, additional electrode pads and cooling foot and leg gel are also available. It has a 24 month warranty.


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