Access All Acer: single webpage image gallery of factory, invoices

Acer Australia opened its doors to Digital Retailer, giving us unprecedented access to its assembly line and senior management. Here is a concise image gallery of what we saw:

Acer Australia operations director David Bosch and MD Charles Chung at the assembly line that adjoins Acer’s head office.

A line worker at the Acer assembly plant configuring a desktop PC to an enterprise customer’s requirements, which appear on the monitor above.

Acer has onsite facilities to tag and mark monitors for its B2B customers. These monitors are fully manufactured in China.

Acer’s notebook refurb centre reformats units from many manufacturers for redeployment in other markets.

The folder full of Harvey Norman invoices Acer submitted as evidence to counter claims the retailer had de-ranged the company.

The Acer Liquid S1 will mark the brand’s return in the smartphone market. It is pictured here with a new notebook and convertible PC/tablet.

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