All the new Intel 4th Gen notebooks and Ultrabooks (image gallery)

Compiled by Claire Reilly

Last night, Intel launched its new 4th Generation core processor range to the Australian market with an event in Sydney. Aside from talking up the benefits of the new chips (including 50 per cent better battery life, better graphics and the ability to create more flexible notebook, Ultrabook and all-in-one form factors around the hardware), Intel got together with its OEM partners to showcase the new products that will be released in the coming weeks and months utilising the technology.

Here’s Digital Retailer’s wrap-up of the newest products set to hit shelves soon, all using Intel’s 4th Generation processor.

Sony is rolling out the triluminous technology from its Bravia TV range (rear) into its new Vaio Ultrabooks (front left and centre). The Macbook Air (front right) was used as an ‘unnamed brand’ for comparison between displays.

A close-up comparing the triluminous display with a competing display. Sony’s technology is designed to bring out reds and greens in particular, which here appear much more vivid (as they certainly did on the night).

Sony’s marketing manager for network entertainment, Jun Yoon, shows off the new Vaio Pro which is currently rolling out into the market. Like all products in Sony’s new range, the Vaio Pro will have touchscreen capabilities as standard, while the optional extended battery (left) more than doubles the battery life of the device.

Toshiba’s new Intel 4th Gen ‘Satellite’ range, including the gamer targeted Satellite X70, the 15-inch Satellite P50 and the 17-inch Satellite P70.

Aside from winning points for best brand name of the evening, dedicated high-end gaming brand Scorptec showed off its fully kitted out gamer’s dream, which includes an Intel 4th Gen processor. The game being played on screen is Crysis — a game that this journalist was reliably informed normally “breaks” lesser computers.

Intel Inside: A closeup of Scorptec’s gadgety innards.

The HP Envy Touchsmart 15 offers Beats sound, 10-point touch and a lightweight aluminium construction.

The HP Envy Rove 20 all-in-one has a large 20-inch screen and full touch controls, so it can be used as a table-top tablet or entertainment device, plus it includes a keyboard and mouse for more traditional applications.

Digital Retailer’s winner of the evening went to Dell’s Alienware range. Aside from a seriously spec’d out body designed for intense gaming (the largest 18-inch model was shaped like a laptop, but was mightily heavy) the computers each feature customisable light settings so you can change the colour of the trackpad, Alienware logo and the lights around the base.

A colour change on the Alienware model.

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