Electrolux Ultracaptic takes cleaning to a whole new hygienic level

The bagless vacuum cleaner that makes dirt and dust disposal a truly fuss-free affair!

Coping with dust clouds, re-vacuuming spilled dirt and handling grubby tangles of hair with bare hands are now things of the past. The new Electrolux Ultracaptic bagless vacuum cleaner now features an innovative “compact & go” dirt disposal system that makes the chore of post vacuuming clean-up a more enjoyable and fuss-free affair.
Conventional bagless cleaners have always had one rather odd drawback – they aren’t always so bagless. When an ordinary dust container is shaken out, it creates clouds of dust that eventually settle right back into a mess on the floor. Ironically, most people cope with this by placing a bag around their bagless vacuum cleaner when they empty it. This is followed by the manual and tedious chore of pulling out and removing entwined hair and fibres with your bare hands.

Thanks to the Ultracaptic’s “Compact and Go” dirt disposal system the dirt, dust and contents are compressed into a neat form that can be ejected into the bin without any fuss. Compacting the dust also means the Ultracaptic can hold more dust and dirt, so more areas can be cleaned before emptying the vacuum.

In addition to the new dust compactor system, the Ultracaptic has a host of other important features.

Powerful cleaning
Multicyclonic Technology – high dust separation  & no loss of suction

Noise Reduction
New Aeropro Floor Nozzle to reduce noise level while providing 5-Star dust pick-up performance (certified by SLG)

No loss of Suction
Easy maintenance, less clogged filters, hence ensuring constant performance

Microdust Filter
Captures the fine dust to protect motor

Excellent Maneuverability
Large soft wheels and ergonomic grip

Clean Exhaust Air
HEPA 13 filter effectively retains common allergens and micron particles (5-Star performance certified by SLG)

Cleaning isn’t just effective with this powerful bagless cleaner, it just got more hygienic as well.

Electrolux Ultracaptic in Steel Blue – RRP $699
Electrolux Ultracaptic in Watermelon Red – RRP $899

Electrolux Small Appliances are available at Australia’s finest electrical retailers and department stores. For details of stockists call 1300 365 305 or visit www.electrolux.com.au 

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