Narta’s first Retravision branding campaign focuses on fighting spirit

The new Retravision retail network, administrated by Narta since 1 April 2013, will soon launch a branding campaign built around “great stores” run by “great people” that are “as local as you”, as explained by West Australian boxing champion Danny Green in a new television commercial.

“We have aligned with the West Australian boxer Danny Green, who is an icon in the West in particular, but also across the country,” said Narta chief operation officer Michael Jackson.

Retravision’s previous state-based entities tended to run their own marketing and branding campaigns. Retravision WA was a long-time sponsor of the Western Warriors state cricket team while Retravision Southern had completed a major rebranding exercise shortly before collapsing in May 2012.

Jackson described Narta’s approach to Retravision’s new campaign as something different from the usual.

“We have filmed a series of television commercials with Danny that represent a separate branding campaign to the traditional marketing we have in the marketplace,” he said.

“The television commercials communicate how Danny, like Retravision, has battled through adversity and the importance of the brand as a local and family orientated business.”

“We are not using the television advertisements to concentrate on products or pricing, it about telling consumers that we are Retravision and that even when we get knocked down we get back up again. The message is not about boxing, but about fighting to be the best at what you do.”

While the first version of the advertisement to be made public focuses on the regional pride many in the West exude, Jackson said different ads have been shot and edited for other media markets.

“We are conscious of the Retravision stores in the states and territories outside Western Australia and the advertising will be reworded to be tailored for these markets, but essentially the message is the same: Retravision is here to stay.”

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