E-Cycle Solutions gains computer recycling approval, fierce competition expected

By Patrick Avenell

E-Cycle Solutions has been granted co-regulatory approval to recycle computer products under the federally mandated Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. A division of QLS Logistics, E-Cycle Solutions has previously only been approved to collect and recycle televisions.

“We originally applied for televisions only as this was the main requirement from our existing clients when we became part of the Government’s scheme,” said general manager Tony Wheeler.

“Late last year we applied to the Federal Government for approval for both aspects of the scheme and we are extremely pleased that this has now been approved.

“This allows us to offer a combined service for both Television and Computers to liable parties. We are looking forward to a very busy and successful 2013-2014”.

E-Cycle Solutions’ recycling model is more retailer-focused than the other two approved co-regulators, DHL and ANZRP. Retailers can partner with E-Cycle to receive end-of-life televisions and computer products from consumers. E-Cycle will then collect and transport this e-waste to recycling plants. Under the legislation governing this scheme, the importers of these products are the only liable parties.

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Approval to recycle computer products means E-Cycle can now compete evenly with DHL and ANZRP for importer contracts. E-Cycle’s client base for the first year of the scheme has been limited to TV suppliers, including Hisense and Changhong.

The vast majority of importers signed one-year contacts, coinciding with the financial year, with their co-regulator of choice, meaning they are now reviewing their partnerships.

Current.com.au understands that all three approved co-regulators have been flying around the country meeting with importers in attempts to shore up their current customers and to poach new ones from their competitors.

“It is exceptionally fierce — every importer can choose a co-regulatory arrangement and we have to present what the benefits of our system are over another one,” said Peter Bruce, senior director of service logistics and envirosolutions at DHL Supply Chain.

This view was supported by ANZRP general manager Carmel Dollison.

“There is no doubt that this is a competitive landscape — you’d be silly to think anything else,” she said.

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