Kmart recalls Homemaker hot water pot, its third recall in a week

By Patrick Avenell

Kmart has recalled an instant hot water dispenser after it was discovered users could be severely burned due to a defect causing water to be dispensed unexpectedly.

This is the third recall in the past seven days for a Homemaker branded appliance sold at Kmart.

The Homemaker 2.5-litre Stainless Steel Pump Pot was sold in Kmart stores nationally between July 2011 and March 2013.

According to the ACCC's Product Recalls website, "Liquid contents may be released via the spout unexpectedly", and that, "If hot water is released, it may result in serious burns or scalding".

Users are advised to cease using this product immediately and to contact Kmart Customer Service on 1800 124 125 during business hours. Customers can also visit Kmart's website for more information.

This is the third Homemaker appliance recalled from Kmart in the past week. On Monday 18 March 2013, Kmart recalled a Glass Blender and a Kettle from its shelves.

As reported at the time, the blender’s blades “may break or detach during use” and these blades “may become mixed with food or drink, posing an ingestion and/or choking hazard”.

In both products, there is a chance that “the handle on the kettle can become loose or deformed during use” and “should the defect occur there is a risk of serious burns”.

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