TV and PC recycler turns attention to polystyrene

E-Cycle Solutions, a division of QLS Group, has won a $200,000 Australian Packaging Covenenant grant for the collection and recycling of polystyrene. E-Cycle Solutons is also a coregulator under the TV and PC Recycling Scheme.

E-Cycle Media Statement:

"The grant will cover the initial set up an rollout costs for equipment and infrastructure to support its recycling program for retailers in New South Wales.

"E-Cycle will be investing its grant money in state-of-the-art Korean equipment for polystyrene recycling. E-Cycle will match the grant money dollar-for-dollar in the initial rollout.

"The collection system will remove tens of thousands of cubic metres per annu, of polystyrene from landfill and is available to most electrical appliance retailers."

E-Cycle Solutions GM Tony Wheeler statement:

"Polystyrene takes up to 1,000 years to break down in landfill and our system will reduce disposal costs of this by-product by up to 70 per cent.

"Retailers can save money and save the environment by participating in this green initiative."

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