Topfield brings home entertainment to the fast lane by launching TF-12-3-A

Recognising a shift in consumer viewing trends, Topfield has just launched its first in-car iPad accessory to ensure customers feel at home even when on the move.

The Topfield TF-12-3-A premium family pack iPad car mount is the perfect way to keep the kids and back seat drivers entertained on the go.

The removable frame, which securely fastens onto the front seat headrests, transforms both the iPad 2 and iPad 3 into the perfect in-car mini cinema experience. The metal structure and safety lock make for an extremely robust and protective case which, once removed from the car, also doubles as a stand.

The mount also charges iPads on the go and the accompanying headphones which connect to the mount via infra-red will shield passengers in the front seats from unwanted sound without compromising the entertainment of those in the back.

“Australians are increasingly streaming their favourite TV programs, movies and internet sites outside of the home through mobile devices and therefore the definition of ‘home entertainment’ no longer means the same thing it did a year ago” says National Sales & Marketing Manager, Joseph Tsen.

“Bringing the comfort of the living room to the car seat is another way that Topfield is keeping in step with the developing entertainment needs of all Australians.”

The TF-12-3-A is available from all major electronics retailers, RRP: $189

Visit for more information.

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