Small appliances sell through tips with Breville, Sunbeam and Tefal

Compiled by Patrick Avenell

Autumn is small appliance season in Australia as consumers rush to stock their cupboard with the best machines for making great food during the winter months. It also helps that Mother's Day falls in early May, giving everyone an excuse to splurge on the best new benchtop wonders being released.

For retailers and sales staff, this is a great time to hone your skills so consumers get the product they need and you get the revenue you want. We asked three leading small appliance suppliers for their tips on how to best sell their wares.

"Know your features and benefits inside out," said Richard Babekuhl from Breville. "When people are investing more than $200 and sometimes more than $500 in a product, they need to feel confident that they are making the right decision and that the features suit their needs.  Understand what features set brands apart.

"When displaying products, consider grouping products to encourage additional purchases and build awareness.  This is particularly true for colour collections and natural partners, such as mixers and their accessories or espresso machines with grinders."

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Pedro Demartini from Groupe SEB, marketers of Tefal, said the focus should be on innovation.

"It’s worth noting that small appliances have performed better than most of other categories in the market.  This is attributed to an on-going stream of innovation that has encouraged consumers to replace their existing appliances and add new and innovative products to their lives.

"As this trend continues, we believe retailers can benefit from it by clearly communicating the key features and benefits of innovative products, positioning hero products in high traffic areas and providing outstanding customer service via superb staff knowledge."

Simplicity is the key for Sunbeam's Lisa Buscomb:

"There is a plethora of category, product and brand choice in the market, which can tend to be confusing when consumers are looking for small appliance solutions for their home. Innovative products with multifunctional and clever features that offer good value are key."

To find out about the new products coming out from these three suppliers and many more, turn to Appliance Retailer's bumber Mother's Day Feature in the March edition.

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