‘No more hidden waste’ for Leading Appliances’ 60 new members

By Patrick Avenell

As the 1 April start-up date looms, Leading Appliances is committed to providing better value than Retravision for its "60 signed-on official members", according to national product manager Nicholas Fry.

"I can confirm that we have 60-plus members confirmed — the exact number is still being finalised — but the strength of our group is now confirmed, and we're delighted to have seen our group take shape in recent weeks," he said. "It's great for our members to have a new home, and to be a part of an exciting new group.

"It's terrific that we can now speak to our suppliers in real terms, real numbers, real shopfronts, as Leading Appliances becomes a real entity as of 1 April 2013."

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Fry said Leading Appliances has established a collection of "preferred suppliers" — well-known brands that Leading Appliances will have as its core range.

"I can't thank the suppliers enough for their terrific support and their passionate advocacy of our membership base, with a determination to uphold and promote the virtues of a successful and determined group of retailers who've had it tough in recent times but who've survived and with a new lease on life are ready to thrive under the Leading Appliances banner."

The Leading Appliances team has previously spoken of running a tight ship, of being leaner and meaner than the old Retravision groups. We asked Fry how they would achieve this.

"The key to providing better value is that we're not running a cast of thousands, we're not providing central billing, which is costly and timely, we provide a low-cost administration and marketing solution for our members, and cut layers of costs out of the supplier/retailer relationship, passing all savings onto our members.

"Leading Edge Group is utilising its already strong and experienced management and administration team to incorporate the Appliances Group into its existing infrastructure.

"Member fees will go towards IT and point-of-sale support and driving our very proactive and professional marketing campaign. There's no hidden or wasted layers of costs impacting our members' bottom line."

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