Leading Appliance replacing “out-dated processes” with modern system

By Patrick Avenell

Former Retravision members joining the new Leading Appliances buying group will tomorrow gain access to the Leading Edge Group’s internal communications platform, known as the Extranet.

Promoted as one of the major advantages of joining Leading Appliances, the Extranet has been developed and refined through its use in the Leading Edge Group’s various other vertical markets, such as computers, music and jewellery.

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Keith Rowe, a Retravision transition advisor to Leading Appliances, explained its benefits.

“Built to ultimately house key data such as state-by-state contact details for supporting suppliers, links to supplier websites, current product pricing and deals, latest catalogue information, vital industry updates, central online ordering facility, operational cost savings, administrative support, and interactive noticeboards, the Extranet will become an indispensable central file of information, initiatives, and opportunities for members,” he said.

“This ‘live hub’ of group communication not only provides a central repository of reference material and up-to-date trading information for the storeowners, but gives access to suppliers to participate in interactive message threads with the stores.”

In launching Extranet, Rowe took the opportunity to criticise the methods of the previous Retravision buying groups.

“With no historical precedents and out-dated processes to have to contend with, Leading Appliances has the unique opportunity to take a fresh approach — to maximise the scales of economy for the benefit of both supplier and retailer — at a time when they both desperately need it.”

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