Sunbeam launches first Sous Vide machine and has subtle dig at Breville

By Patrick Avenell

Sunbeam has launched the second domestic sous vide machine into the Australian market. Although Breville launched its Sous Vide Supreme in late 2012, Sunbeam calls the Duos Sous Vide (MU4000) the first to be “designed for the domestic market”.

This is because Breville’s machine was originally created by Eades Appliances Technology, an American company based in Colorado.

“Breville has a co-branding agreement for Australia and New Zealand, to co-brand Sous Vide Supreme,” explained Breville category manager — cooking, Sharon Lenzner.

“This co-branding agreement has enabled this new technology to be available nationally in consumer retail outlets.

“Previously Sous Vide Supreme could only be purchased online through limited channels. Breville has contributed tremendous engineering resources so that the product now complies to Australian standards.”

Sunbeam has positioned its Duos Sous Vide machine much lower in the market than the Breville Sous Vide Supreme: RRP $199 compared to $799. Sunbeam’s also has a slow cooking function.

“The Sous Vide water oven has a domestic 5.5-litre capacity, is incredibly easy to use and is designed with electronic temperature control and a countdown timer,” said Sunbeam product marketing manager — food preparation Lisa Buscomb. “The appliance also includes a tempered glass lid to monitor cooking progress and a sous vide pouch rack.”

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