At F&P, the best celebrity spokeschefs are the ones you don’t pay

UnderCurrent is very happy that Breville has signed on celebrity spokeschef Heston Blumenthal as its new celebrity spokeschef. Of course, the only thing better than signing on a celebrity spokeschef is to turn on the TV and see a celebrity spokeschef using your products for free.

That's what happened last Thursday night when Fisher & Paykel general manager, marketing, Peter Russell turned on the ABC for his weekly fix of high brow cooking televisuals:

“We are delighted to see our CoolDrawers on Nigella’s kitchen set,” delighted Russell, having spotted F&P appliances during Nigellissima. “It’s wonderful knowing our appliances have been independently selected by one of the biggest, and most popular, cooking personalities."

UnderCurrent actually saw this episode as well: the Italian sausage meatballs looked amazing.

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