Leading Edge unveils ‘Leading Appliances’ brand for homeless Retravision members

By Patrick Avenell

The Leading Edge Group has unveiled its new 'Leading Appliances' division, complete with a new logo, for the retailers left homeless after the sale of the Retravision brand to Narta late last year.

Nicholas Fry, the new national product manager at Leading Appliances, said this name was decided after consultation with the former Retravision members that will be transitioning to this group.

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“We have been working very closely with our stores in welcoming and encouraging their feedback and opinions in relation to the brand name for the group,” Fry said. “A number of options were suggested and an overwhelmingly popular winner was ‘Leading Appliances’

“This brand name and logo will be rolled out to member stores officially within two weeks for the 1 April launch. We all believe this is a strong brand name and will become an established industry name in the months and years ahead.”

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