London Calling: Top 10 picks for Breville’s UK product range

By Claire Reilly

Breville today announced it would be entering the UK market with a new brand name, a line up of 17 “flagship” products, and a brand endorsement from internationally-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal.

While Breville was staying quiet on what would be included in the new range, took a look at the brand’s local line-up and made a few predictions.

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Here is our Top 10 list:

There’s nothing quite so British as tea and crumpets, so Breville’s UK customers are going to need a good breakfast set. Aside from being Heston Blumenthal’s favourite product, this Tea Maker (BTM800, RRP $299) could also probably make a good cup of Bovril.

For a golden crumpet smothered in Lyle’s Golden Syrup we like the Breville Smart Toast in Old Blighty Blue…actually known as ‘Elderberry’ (BTA840EL, RRP $199).

No more soggy English fish and chips with the Smart Fryer (BDF500 $169).

Taking a cue from professional techniques used by chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, the Sous Vide Supreme (BSV600, RRP $799) has already found success in the US market, and could be a good point of difference.

Breville will need to have a strong offering in the food prep category. With this in mind, the flagship products of its Australian range make good sense as exports to the Mother Country, starting with the Kinetix Control in a regal Cranberry shade (BBL605CB, RRP $229).

The All in One features a mashing attachment for bangers and mash (BSB530, RRP $199).

The Kitchen Wizz Pro (BFP800, RRP $499) has a 25-year guarantee, so it will last more than twice as long as Prince Andrew’s marriage.

The Scraper Mixer Pro in Black Sesame would suit the aspiring Delia Smiths and Nigella Lawsons in the UK market (BEM800BS, RRP $549).

The land of long cold winter days is surely the perfect place to sell a slow cooker, and as a 2012 Choice Awards winner, the Fast Slow Cooker (BPR200, $199) is an obvious pick.

Of course, no range would be complete without the product that Breville has been pushing heavily for the past two years, the Dual Boiler espresso machine (BES900, RRP $1,499). No word yet on whether the brand will release a model for making Irish Coffee.

Is there anything you think we've missed? Make your predicitions in the comments below.

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