Samsung focuses on local market at appliance and electronics launch show

 By Claire Reilly

Samsung has used the occasion of its Asia Pacific regional forum in Jakarta to announce the launch of a range of new consumer electronics and home appliance products for the local market, off the back of their 2013 product unveiling at the International CES in Las Vegas last month.

The new line-up includes a number of products in the refrigeration and laundry categories that will make their way to Australia in the coming months, as well as new Plasma and LED TVs and additions to the NaviBot vacuuming and Galaxy mobile communications sub-brands.

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Speaking at the forum keynote today, Samsung Asia president and CEO Gregory Lee said 2012 had been a big year for the Korean brand, and that the company was expecting even greater success this year. 

“Samsung Electronics is on a new road for success,” he said. “Global sales growth last year was $187 billion worldwide, 

2013 will see Samsung focus on key touchpoints for the Asia Pacific market, as Lee outlined, to “drive success for the future”.

“Number one, as always, is the best flagship products in the world, first to market,” he said. “Number two is our shopper and retailer experiences. Samsung wants to be the best at getting local consumers, in the major cities as well as all the small cities around Asia, the best retail experiences in the world, so that consumers can touch and experience our products.”

According to Lee, Samsung is also “dedicated” to its retail partners — both those “who have big chains as well as small independent stores” — and is focused on providing them with products relevant to their markets, through “local product innovation”. 

“Although our global business units make the products, we have the responsibility and also the insights to talk to the local consumers and the understand local needs,” he said.

Also on the agenda for Samsung for 2013 is an increased focus offering local content and services, increasing product innovation, cultivating a “talented” brand team and increasing its contribution to the wider community. 

Stay tuned to for information on the appliances and electronics showcased at the Samsung Regional Forum, as well as all the details on when they will hit Australian retail stores. 

Samsung Asia president and CEO, Gregory Lee, speaking in Jakarta today.

Andrew Woon, Southeast Asia regional director for TV and AV at Samsung, showed off Samsung’s latest TV products, including the LED F8000 series (left) and its 85-inch Ultra High Definition TV.

Reza Varindra, Samsung Indonesia's head of Home Appliance product marketing, showcases new products from Samsung's whitegoods line-up.

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