Big W’s shame continues: two ‘shocking’ Abode toasters recalled

By Patrick Avenell

Big W has this morning enacted another recall on products in its Abode range — its seventh in two years — this time on two toaster models sold nationally through its stores.

The recalled models are a 2 Slice Toaster (KT-3023A) and a 4 Slice Toaster (KT-3083A). According to the Product Recalls website “Wiring inside the toaster may be able to touch hot parts, causing damage to the insulation on the wiring”.

Consumers using these toasters are at risk of an electric shock.

Big W is empirically the importer of the most unsafe products in Australia, and the Abode brand is the most unsafe brand currently on shelves. As has repeatedly shown, no supplier comes close to matching their rate of recalls. has previously called Woolworths to account for this in an Open Letter To Woolworths CEO Grant O’Brien.

Both Breville and Sunbeam have repeatedly complained about the devastating effect house brands are having on the small appliance market, with retailers importing their own range of products from China. Most retailers are at the very least ensuring their products are safe to use — Big W’s recall record indicates it does not take quality control as seriously.

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Here is Big W’s Abode recall record:

25 May 2011: Abode 2000W Oscillating Fan Heater (NFE20O) is recalled because "the affected units could potentially cause smoke, fumes and fire".

10 October 2011: Abode Multi-Functional Blender (HY-6068A-1) is recalled because "if damaged, the rubber seal may possibly mix with food and pose an ingestion hazard".

12 March 2012: Abode 2000W Oscillating Fan Heater (NFE20O) is recalled againbecause "incorrect internal crimping may result in the wiring and crimp connector overheating, causing a fire hazard".

10 July 2012: Abode 3L Stainless Steel Deep Fryer (DF30BW) is recalled because "the handles may detach if the product is lifted while containing oil, possibly causing serious burn injuries if hot oil splashes on the user or bystanders".

9 August 2012: Abode Electric Blanket (BA111/211/212) is recalled because “the control cord may fatigue and cause an internal short circuit or overheating”.

13 December 2012: Abode Convection Oven (HG-A11) is recalled because “The internal wire connectors may come into contact with the plastic enclosure, creating a potential fire hazard”.

21 February 2012: Abode 2 Slice Toaster (KT-3023A) and a 4 Slice Toaster (KT-3083A) are recalled because “The product may pose an electric shock hazard to consumers”.

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