Philips unveils new wet shavers and a new strategy to sell them

By Patrick Avenell

Philips will be embarking on a TV marketing campaign to promote its new range of wet and dry electric shavers targeted at first time buyers. Unlike in previous years, when shaver campaigns were timed for the lead-up to Father’s Day, Philips will be advertising outside of that nominal season.

According to data supplied by Philips, the male shaving category has been gradually declining over the last five years, from around $65 million in 2008 to $58.6 million in 2012. Philips has the lion share of this category — 53 per cent value share — but unless new consumers are recruited, it the total pie will continue to shrink.

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Internal Philips research has shown that men need to be converted to electric shaving in their late teens or 20s, or they will be lost to blade shaving forever. Because most teenagers and university students can’t afford a premium electric shaver, such as Philips SensoTouch 3D at RRP $499, Philips’ strategy is to recruit them young and then trade them up through the range as they got older and earn more money.

The two new products to appeal to this youth market comprise Philips’ new AquaTouch range. These products are both ‘wet shavers’, meaning they can be used in the shower and with shaving cream or gel. Philips is keen to stress that these are just options for the user: they can also be used dry and without creams or gels.

The two new shavers are the AT750 (RRP $99) and the AT890 (RRP $199).

In addition to an advertising campaign, Philips will also be offering a money back guarantee on these models between March and June 2013.

Philips AT750.

Philips AT890.

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