Breville applies for THE SMART OVEN trademark, joins Samsung and Electrolux

By Patrick Avenell

The Breville Group today lodged a trademark application with IP Australia for “THE SMART OVEN” (their caps), joining Electrolux and Samsung in official attempts to trademark near identical phrases.

As revealed last week, Samsung lodged an application for “SAMSUNG Smart Oven” (their caps) after we informed the local subsidiary that Electrolux had a longstanding, pending application for “Smart Oven”.

Upon learning of this trademark dispute and reading’s article, Breville submitted its own application for a trademark.

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Breville already has a product on the market called The Smart Oven™ (BOV800, their trademark symbol). This product was being advertised with the trademark symbol at least as early as mid-January 2013. Breville’s application for a trademark on “THE SMART OVEN” is dated 19 February 2013. could not find any earlier trademark applications.

Electrolux’s application appears to refer to an AEG-branded oven called the NaviSight Pyrolytic SMART Oven (BY901400M, their caps). Samsung markets an oven in India called Smart Oven.

No opposition is registered on any of these trademark applications.

Neither Electrolux nor Breville have answered’s questions on this subject. Samsung chose not to speak on the record.

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