Inside the PlayStation 4 launch: Image Gallery

Compiled by Claire Reilly

Sony Computer Entertainment took to the stage in New York this morning for the launch of the eagerly-anticipated newcomer to its console lineup. The PlayStation 4 launch had plenty of parlour tricks and special effects, but the console itself was missing from the event, as was information on pricing and availability.

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While consumers and retailers wait to get more details (or teasers) from Sony as they become available, has put together some of the highlights of today's launch, for those who couldn't tune in.

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The PlayStation 4 launch started with plenty of fireworks (or, more accurately, blue lights).

President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, reveals the new PlayStation logo.

Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for the new PS4 spoke extensively about Sony's new hardware and the company's buzzword-laden goal of creating “a dynamic preference driven path through the world of content”.

Cerny unveiled the new Dual Shock 4 controller which will feature a touchpad "as a new form of input", a headphone jack and a dedicated Share button "to enhance social interactions".

Cerny also showed a trailer for the new game he has directed and developed for PS4, known as "Knack".

A screenshot of the new User Interface in the PlayStation Network.

Game developer Sucker Punch showed a trailer from its new game Infamous: Second Son, which has been developed for PS4.

Developer Media Molecule demonstrated a new 3D sculpting tool that it developed for the PS4. In this shot, users are controlling 3D avatars with the help of PlayStation Move controllers.

The grunt power of the new console was demonstrated by Quantic Dream, a company that has developed a "completely new engine" to create hyper-realistic 3D graphics such as the one above.

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