Poor images of Sony’s most exciting new product releases

Compiled by Patrick Avenell in Las Vegas

Sony unveiled a range of interesting new products at its stand at the 2013 International CES. Check out some of these images of varying quality of the products Sony thinks will return it to the top of the tree. Click here for our full report on Sony's press conference.

First only by 24 hours, this prototype of a 4K (Ultra HD) OLED TV was working, unlike the one used on stage.

Sony's new range of Handycams includes projectors for instant playback. I've added a red square to highlight the projector.

Sony has a whole new range of NFC-enabled audio devices to go with its Xperia Z.

Sony's new "music balls" are NFC-enabled. These will retail in the US for "around $69".

The Sony Xperia X is "water-resistant" as this display was proving. And the only thing this image gallery has proven is that contrary to Apple's marketing, an iPhone is definitely not the only camera you need.

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