Samsung pre-CES press conference videos reveal key insights

By Patrick Avenell

Before the heavy hitters from Samsung took to the stage to present to a packed CES press conference, there were two videos shown on a loop. 

The first was of TVs disappearing from homes and shops around Sydney, Australia, to travel to Las Vegas to see the new Samsung range – it’s the range that TVs want to see. 

The second showcased the community work Samsung has undertaken to improve the lives of the underprivileged.

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These two videos demonstrate two things: Samsung’s ever-increasing appreciation of the Australian market, which is constantly moving up the supply chain to a point where we match the United States for new releases; and Samsung’s acceptance of itself as such an enormous global player that corporate social responsibility becomes an obligation rather than a luxury.

Check out the Australian-filmed video here – UnderCurrent would like to point out that hacks at the presser watched this half-a-dozen times…

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