E&S Trading signs up for a third year with The Block

Victorian appliance retailer E&S Trading has announced it has signed on for another season sponsoring home renovation/rebuilding show The Block.

For the third year, E&S Trading will be the “official kitchen and laundry sponsors” of the show, which is centred on four couples who are charged with making over a house from start to finish. The 2013 season brings back contestants from the previous five seasons under the “All Stars” billing to restore heritage houses.

Interestingly, the houses for the new season are all located in Bondi, Sydney, meaning contestants will either have to lug some fairly hefty appliances on the CountryLink back from Victoria, or avail themselves of E&S Trading’s online shopping site.

E&S has confirmed that it “provided the contestants with all of their appliances and products to fit out their kitchen and laundry renovations” during the filming. In previous seasons, contestants also took a tour around the showroom, with the retailer gaining serious exposure in Channel Nine’s primetime programming.

UnderCurrent only hopes that E&S takes full advantage of the Blocktastic puns employed by the Channel Nine advertising team in promotions. If so, then viewers are guaranteed that this Blocking season is a Blockular success of epic proportBlocks.

The Block All Stars season begins on 4 Feblockuary at 7 O’Block.

E&S Trading has signed on as a sponsor of the home renovation show The Block.

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