Haier celebrates global appliance dominance with un-four-tunate puns

By Patrick Avenell

Haier Australia is currently celebrating being named by number one appliance brand in the world, with 8.6 per cent retail volume share, according to Euromonitor International, for the fourth consecutive year.

The Chinese manufacturer and owner of Fisher & Paykel was also named the number one supplier in Refrigeration, Freezers, Laundry and Wine Coolers.

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Haier revelled in this news by sending a media release riddled with puns:

“Haier’s winning four-mula,” began the release. “Haier sees fourth-coming success in 2013 after being named the number one major appliance brand in the world – for the fourth consecutive year!”

Local brand manager Yvonne Hong said Haier is committed to continuing this momentum in Australia in 2013.

“Haier’s commitment for future growth through heavy investment in resources, product development and marketing is paying off as our global brand market share grew 0.8 per cent from 2011, according to Euromonitor,” Hong said.

“For 2013, Australia is a major focus of Haier’s global business. We are anticipating some exciting new products and initiatives to breathe new life into this tough current market. Local retailers can expect to see significant investment from Haier in the coming months.”

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