‘A dimly lit tour of the new Winning Group head office’

UnderCurrent visited The Winning Group's funky new head office in Redfern, south Sydney, today for a dimly lit tour of the new premises housing Winning Appliances, Appliances Online, Big Brown Box and PowerBuys and The Handy Crew.

The following images were captured on a Canon IXUS 510HS, which is a much better camera than UnderCurrent is a photographer…

The screens at the top of this shot provide instant feedback on callers to Appliances Online and Big Brown Box's hotlines. 

There is still room for another 150 staff members at this site – and the Winning Group is expanding rapidly so that's good news.

A ping pong table in a rec room bigger than UnderCurrent's office. The Winning Group has houses similar to Hogwarts that regularly compete in tourneys. UnderCurrent understands that big boss John Winning's house is called 'The Hermanators'.

Another shot of the enormous rec room. UnderCurrent is pretty sure this is the most awesome office environment it's seen.

Looking out from the offices, one can see the construction site of the new flagship Winning Appliances showroom, due to open in May 2013.

The Winning Group has the industry's longest mission statements. This is just one section – click on the image for a closer look.

And who did UnderCurrent run into making a cup of coffee? None other than new Winning Appliances CEO David Crane.

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