Sunbeam’s brilliant new kitchen showroom should wow guests

By Patrick Avenell

Sunbeam has recently refitted its head office in Sydney with a new kitchen-cum-showroom to entertain its dealer partners. The new showroom, timed to coincide with the small appliances icon's Mother's Day 2013 retail presentations, is currently stocked with the latest Sunbeam small appliances, while the major appliances are all from Electolux Home Appliances.

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Follow on Twitter had the opportunity to visit this showroom/kitchen – we think it's one of the best in the industry.

All the major appliances in the Sunbeam's kitchen are from Electolux.

We weren't lucky enough to have a sit-down meal when we visited, but the table and chair are ready for when the important buyers and dealers come calling.

Eagle-eyed small appliance aficionados will spot some brand new Sunbeam products due for the Mother's Day rush next year.

Sunbeam's bench of small appliance all-stars.

And a preview of some of the food currently being dished up to guests – made directly from Sunbeam's brand new appliance in a brand new category.

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