Dick Smith recalls another four house brand DVD players due to fire risk

By Claire Reilly

Following Dick Smith’s recall of a house-branded Portable DVD player in July (itself a re-issue of an earlier recall notice), the retailer has been forced to issue a recall of a further four Dick Smith-branded Portable DVD/Media Players. As with the previous recall, these four models pose a fire risk due to the potential for the internal battery to overheat.

The four models are the Dick Smith 7-inch Portable DVD Media Player (catalogue number D6200), Dick Smith 7-inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Media Player (D6201), Dick Smith 9-inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Media Player (D6203) and the Dick Smith 7-inch Portable DVD Player (GE4203).

The models were sold in Dick Smith stores across Australia and New Zealand between November 2009 and July 2012. According to a statement from the retailer, “the four products are being recalled due to a potential safety hazard where the internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery may overheat and pose a fire risk.

“At this stage, from the range of products currently sold at Dick Smith stores, only the above nominated portable DVD/Media Players are affected," the recall notice read.

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The affected models can be identified by the Dick Smith logo on top of the unit on the D6200, D6201 and D6203 models and on top of the lid of the GE4203; this model or catalogue number can be found on the rear on base of the product. Customers with an affected model are advised to immediately stop using the product and return it to any Dick Smith store for a full refund.

For further information, customers can contact Dick Smith Customer Service on 1300 366 644 (8am – 7pm AEST Monday to Friday, 10am – 2pm AEST Saturday and Sunday) OR 1300 660 054 (9am – 5.30pm AEST Monday to Friday).

The recall of five house brand DVD players in less than six months follows comments from the new CEO of Dick Smith, Nick Abboud, saying that house brands would be a strong focus for the retailer in the future.

“It’s about 13-14 per cent of sales and there’s a big opportunity still in that space,” Abboud told Current.com.au in October, shortly after taking on the role as CEO following Woolworths’ sale of Dick Smith to Anchorage Capital Partners.

However, with so many Dick Smith house-branded products being taken off shelves, the retailer may be forced to reconsider this strategy.

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