Welcome to Everland, the Samsungiest theme park in the world!

UnderCurrent loves three things in this life – consumer electronics, appliances and theme parks – and it is so very rare that all three come together to form the perfect unity.

This, my friends, is one such occasion. Today is the day that you find out that Samsung owns its own theme park.

Known as Everland (or Samsung Everland), the Korean theme park is located south-east of Seoul and is divided into five areas known as Global Fair, Zootopia, Magic Land, European Adventure and American Adventure.

Attractions include the Global Village (a clear take-off of Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride), Herky and Timmy’s Racing Coaster, the curiously-named “Kizcovery zone” and the Franco-aquatic live show, “D’Artagnan and Three Seals”.

Families can also take a look at polar bears, tigers, bugs, dogs and an area called “Friendly Monkey Valley” in Zootopia, or pick up a bite to eat in a number of restaurants including Burger Cafe America, Merlin’s Snack or the Soylent Green-reminiscent Human Sky Snack.

UnderCurrent just exploded with delight. If only it wasn’t so very far away!

South Korea's first wooden rollercoaster, the T Express at Everland.

A family watches singing dolls from all around the world in the Global Village ride.

All those rides have probably made you hungry – have a bite to eat at Human Sky Snack!

If there is one thing Samsung Everland does well, it's Musketeer/marine mammal crossover shows like D'Artagnan and Three Seals.

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