Telstra highlights anti-billshock measures in new Google Play payment play

By Patrick Avenell

Telstra has today announced that its customers on Android smartphones can elect to pay for content from Google Play, such as apps, movies, music and books, via their Telstra bill rather than on their credit cards. Interestingly, Telstra is promoting this service as one way to curb the 'billshock' phenomenon that has sprung up in the era of smartphones.

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There are limits available on how much customers can spend, which could be seen as unnecessary restrictions on customers, but for those looking for a failsafe on their purcashing, Telstra's service has merit.

"Unlike credit card billing which has a much higher potential spend ceiling, the ‘Bill my Telstra account’ option has a $100 per month spend limit for post-paid customers," replied a spokeperson when we asked about the effect of this service on expenditure. 

"Customers can set their spend limit to $0, $20 or $50 if they prefer.

"Pre-paid customers can only purchase content where they have pre-paid credit available.

"In both instances, customers need to confirm the purchase of content twice before it is billed. Given this, we don’t believe the service will lead to customers facing unexpected charges."

Customers need to register their intent to purchase apps on their Telstra account. After doing so, the option 'Bill My Telstra Account' will appear when completing Google Play transactions.

To promote this service to customers, Telstra and Google are offering the following apps at half price, if purchased via Telstra:

HD Widgets
Swiftkey 3
Soundhound Infinity
Paper Camera
Smart Tools
Endomondo Pro
Ocean HD
Mini Motor Racing
World of Goo
Sketchbook Mobile
Star Chart

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