Sunbeam unveils new appliances and new categories for Mother’s Day 2013

By Patrick Avenell

Before Sunbeam has even unwrapped its Christmas presents, the staff is already putting together a bumper 2013 Mother’s Day range of new products for the second biggest sales event of the year.

Although Mother’s Day is still 150 days away (12 May 2013, for the record), Sunbeam is showing verve and commitment to the category by hosting its key retail partners throughout December to exhibit the new range.

Sunbeam's brilliant new kitchen showroom should wow guests

Highlights of the new Mother’s Day range include:

-‘Maestro’ branded toasters with personalised technology in 2- and 4-slice options.
-The Café Espresso II solo traditional coffee machine at the entry level.
-A new coffee grinder with better functionality and a bigger 400-gram dispenser (previous model was 250 grams).
-A multifunction pressure cooker with slow cooking, steaming, rice making and frying programs.
-A new range of Electric frypans in blue, red and gold colours.
-A circular deepfryer.
-New food processors at the mid-market and premium levels.
-A new planetary mixmaster.

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New toasters and kettles for Mother's Day.

Sunbeam has new food processors across several price points for Mother's Day 2013.

Sunbeam's new multifunction pressure cooker combines slow cooking, steaming, rice cooking and frying programs.

Sunbeam is experimenting with new colours for Mother's Day 2013.

Sunbeam's new deep fryer – in addition to making crispy fried treats, this appliance can also be used for candlemaking (though this isn't necessarily a recommended practice).

The most interesting new small appliance coming from Sunbeam is its combination sous vide and slow cooker. This will be only the second domestic sous vide appliance released through general retail in Australia, after Breville’s Sous Vide Supreme earlier this year.

While Breville’s model is clearly positioned at premium end of the market with its RRP $799 price tag, Sunbeam’s will be pitched at the everyday consumer, at only RRP $199.

Sunbeam's new combination sous vide and slow cooker.

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