Classic AR: The secrets behind in-store Santas

With just 13 days left until Christmas Day, we thought we’d revisit this classic Appliance Retailer article concerning in-store Santa Clauses:

Elizabeth Evans is the managing director of Regprom Marketing and Promotions. For the past two decades years, Evans has recruited and trained Santas for Westfield shopping centres. A self-confessed Christmas fanatic, the six weeks of Santa celebrations represent the largest part of her business.

“The way we go about recruiting is we would first place an ad in local and weekend papers,” explained Evans. “Age is really important. I don’t like to employee anyone under 40. I think it’s because it’s very much in character: Santa Claus is an elderly man, he moves very slowly, he’s kind and jolly and does everything at a nice slow pace. I find that with a young man he speaks quicker, he moves quicker and that’s not the character of Santa.”

Click here to read the full story on how to recruit Santas for shopping centres

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