Top 10 Biggest Digital Stories of 2012

Compiled by Patrick Avenell

The most popular digital stories on in 2012 were a real mixed bag. While the usual suspects like Apple, Sony and Samsung all make an appearance, there were also more surprising entries by a caped crusader and a new sales event that proved to be more clumsy than frenzy.

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Here are's Top 10 Biggest Digital Stories of 2012:

1. Apple launches new sort-of 4G iPad – How it unfolded: Minute By Minute joined the world media in covering the new iPad launch (remember that one? The one without 4G in Australia?). Using a cheeky, minute-by-minute style more commonly associated with football coverage, we looked at every angle of the new device, all while being kept awake by some Nespresso coffee.

2. Sony explains $25,000 price for 84-inch Ultra HD TV, closed distribution and 4K

"Sony Australia today downplayed its first-to-market status in Ultra HD TVs, claiming it is more important to have the right product rather than being first on the shelves."

3. Click Frenzy an embarrassment for online retailers and organisers

"The celebration of online retail so heavily promoted by public relations in Fairfax newspapers has become an embarrassment for the retailers and the organisers, with most of the websites hosting sales crashing due to high demand."

4. Samsung unveils new LED TV range, with a promise to consumers

"After revealing its new product line-up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier in the year, Samsung unveiled the new additions to its Smart TV line-up in Sydney overnight, with an entry-level LED range joining its Slim LED range and marking the end of the company’s involvement in the LCD category."

5. Panasonic launches 23 new TVs: passive 3D, BigPond Movies & Quickflix

"Panasonic Australia today unveiled its 2012 range of plasma and LED LCD TVs, with 23 models across both technologies. Features of selected products include active and passive 3D, improved internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and a greater focus on design."

6. Samsung unveils pricing for Note II, Galaxy Camera & Smart PC series

"Two months after first being launched at a showcase event in Berlin for the IFA consumer electronics and appliances trade show, Samsung has announced Australian availability and pricing for its newest raft of products, including the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Camera and Smart PC series."

7. Nikon Australia's five point response to the rise of the Grey Market

"So pervasive is the threat of grey imports to Nikon, the manufacturer has provided a five point guide to why purchasing its products from authorised resellers instead of parallel importers."

8. Asus unveils revamped Transformer Pad Infinity

"Asus has unveiled the next iteration of the Transformer series of docked tablet devices with the launch of the Transformer Pad Infinity – billed by the company as the world’s first Full HD Android tablet."

9. Western Digital to drive retail sales with Dark Knight Rises promotion

"Western Digital, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of hard drives and network storage, has announced a new partnership with Warner Brothers in the lead up to the release of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises."

10. Hisense bolsters TV line-up with extensive 2012 launch campaign

"Hisense Australia has today announced its TV product line-up for 2012, announcing 16 new LED models and 5 LCD models in various screen sizes that are set to be released over the coming months." 

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