Editor’s Picks for Best Digital Products of 2012: Look, Print and Find

The December issue of Appliance Retailer magazine includes the annual Editor's Picks for Best Digital Products of 2012. Current.com.au will be featuring the products selected as the best of the best over the coming days – to find out the full list, pick up a copy of Appliance Retailer's December issue.

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Uniden Guardian G2720 (RRP $549)

Uniden prides itself on wireless technology, especially in its market dominating cordless phones. The release of the Guardian represented a renewed focus on home security, with the company leveraging its core competencies to create the ultimate home surveillance system. Using the included tablet and/or a smartphone, users can follow the action in colour anywhere in the world.

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Canon DreamLabo 5000 (around $750,000)

Canon’s best product of 2012 was not a printer or camera for general consumption but this phenomenal piece of professional photography printing technology. Canon is taking on the established mass market photo printers, such as HP and Fujifilm, and it is targeting the high-quality, more expensive, more profitable top end. DreamLabo 5000 is the embodiment of this strategy. 

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Garmin Fenix (RRP $449) & Magellan eXplorist 710 (RRP $649)

With the value of the in-car satellite navigation category collapsing due to commoditisation, leading suppliers of GPS technology are continuing to branch out into the more profitable outdoor markets. Garmin and Magellan are leading this drive with the Fenix, a fitness watch that combines location and health services, and the eXplorist, an adventurer’s handheld device to make sure you don’t get lost when trekking the great outdoors.

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