Editor’s Picks: The 2012 Appliance of the Year

Over the last few weeks, we've been featuring the Editor's Picks for the Best Appliances of 2012, as revealed in the November issue of Appliance Retailer magazine. We've now come to the big one: the Editor's Pick for Appliance Retailer Appliance of the Year:

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2012 Appliance Retailer Appliance of the Year

Smeg Denim Refrigerator FAB28RDB

Conceived over pasta and a few red wines between Smeg CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni and Lapo Elkann, a member of the Fiat and Juventus owning Agnelli family, Smeg’s denim fridge is the quintessential meeting of style and substance. While the inside is the pinnacle of Italian refrigeration engineering, the outside is a sublime denim veneer, complete with the Italian flag device as the E in Smeg. Only 500 of these refrigerators were made, with a sizable portion snapped up by Australian refrigo-design connoisseurs.

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