The Good Guys host rare media event (Image Gallery)

By Claire Reilly

As a privately-owned company, The Good Guys are notoriously quiet on the public relations front. They put out very little in the way of trade-focused self promotion and the owners – the Muir family – seldom speak to press.

But had a chance to visit one of The Good Guys' Sydney stores this week for a media event, and took the opportunity to snoop around and see how the Pay Less Pay Cash retail model worked in practice.

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Despite the difficulties that most retailers admit to having in the flat panel category, the TV department in Brian Fox’s Good Guys store in Alexandria was quite possibly the most impressive part of the store.

The darkened entertainment area featured LG-branded lounges for watching 3D TV, as well as tiered banks of TVs from different brands blasting out the same images – making for a very impressive display.

Elsewhere, the store adopts a ‘no-frills’ approach to merchandising. Polished floors, some newer stock still on pallets, and a great deal of point-of-sale signage crying out for consumers to take note of INTEREST FREE terms, or the FALLING PRICES: SERIOUSLY.


Despite visiting on a weekday morning, there was a small but healthy level of foot traffic (both in the store and in the homemakers centre where the store is located), with most people looking around the store with the discerning eye of customers on a mission.

Suppliers will also be pleased to note that this journalist saw a very impressive discussion taking place between Mr Fox and a consumer looking to buy a TV. No selling on price – it was all about establishing the customer’s needs, the size of their lounge room and selling on the quality of the TV set.

It was good to see a bit of old-fashioned retail in action Brian.

A viewing area (lounges not pictured) for watching LG's Cinema 3D TVs.

Do you like GRIDIRON? Heck yes you do. And it looks much more impressive on this bank of TVs in The Good Guys.

The Good guys has plenty of bright signage in-store, vying for customer attention.

Polished floors and exposed roofing – the simple layout in the Whitegoods department.

The store has dedicated brand spaces in its cooking area, showing potential kitchen configurations. 

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