LG reveals pricing for its first batch of 2D and 3D Smart TV games

By Patrick Avenell

LG Electronics has revealed the pricing for the first batch of games to be released for its Smart TVs' Game World feature. These games can be played using the TV's Magic Remote, with a dedicated gaming controller from Logitech or with a wired Microsoft Xbox 360 controller.

There are 86 games in the first release. Twenty-five of these games are paid, ranging from $0.99 to $5.82. The remaining games are free.

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“Game World is an excellent and easy to use source for games – especially 3D games – which are suitable for all the family,” said senior marketing manager, content and service, Brad Reed in a statement.

“Game World will host some of the most popular gaming titles on LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs. Game World will maximise our 3D TV capabilities to push the boundaries of 3D gaming and expand LG’s Smart TV offering in this market.”

Paid Games and Prices

Bookworm Adventure  $5.82
Rope Rescue    $5.13
Amazing Adventures Around the World $5.00
Burn The City    $5.00
Gravity Lab!    $5.00
Diversion    $4.93
Frisbee Forever   $4.86
Super Crossfire    $4.86
Air Penguin    $4.17
Herman the Hermit   $3.04
Slam Dunk Basketball $3.04
Mahjongg Artifacts 2   $2.99
Downhill Bowling 2   $2.96
Plants vs Zombies   $2.41
Animal 21 Match Up   $2.06
Animal 21 Dice    $1.94
FinalWing    $1.90
Clock Quiz    $0.99
Dibo Baseball    $0.99
DIbo Color Play    $0.99
Dibo Math Toy    $0.99
Dibo Says    $0.99
Guess Who    $0.99
Pororo Hidden Catch   $0.99
Rat Fishing    $0.99
Robot Builder    $0.99

Free Games

3D Race 
Agent Sudoku 
Amazing Adventures Around the World Trial
Angry Duckling 
Animal 21 Dice Trial 
Animal 21 Match Up Trial 
Animal Pang Pang 
Bolly Mixtures 
Bookworm Adventure Trial 
Bric A Bloc 
Buy Palace 
Card Search 
Catching Apples 
Chess Challenge 
Chewie Checker 
Crazy Duck 
Cut the Rope Lite 
Dibo Defense 
Dinosaur Disaster 
Diversion (Trial) 
Downhill Bowling 2 (Trial) 
Dracula's Coffin 
Frisbee Forever (Trial) 
Fruit Puzzle 
Gems Quest 
Holiday Getaway 
Hot Chicks 
Music Lesson 
Natural Object 
Pair & Match 
Playjam Portal 
Push 'em Penguin 
Puzzle Game 
Puzzle Holic 
Raise a flag! 
Rat Fishing Trial 
Rope Skipping 
Shoot The Arrow 
Snowman Crafts 
Spot the Difference 
Spot The Not 
Tayo Puzzle 
Think 'n Draw 
TV Hockey 
TV Hockey 2 
Vroom Vroom Tayo 
Wee Wee Kitty 

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