Tefal launches Guillaume Brahimi Heritage Cookware range exclusively with Myer

By Patrick Avenell

It was like Bastille Day in November at the Sydney Opera House today when French company Groupe SEB unveiled the new Heritage Cookware range from its French brand Tefal at French restaurant Guillaume.

The choice of restaurant was significant: proprietor and French chef Guillaume Brahimi has endorsed the new Heritage range – marking his entrance into the heady world of brand ambassadorship – highlighting Tefal’s French heritage and implying the restaurant-style quality of the new cookware range.

Groupe SEB Australia MD Wivina Chaneliere said Tefal had been a resounding success in Australia with its cookware and small appliances ranges. Some of these products are endorsed by English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Brahimi will be complementing Oliver’s international role with Tefal as an Australia-focused ambassador.

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Brahimi spoke passionately at the launch press conference about the significance of Tefal to his youth learning the culinary arts in Paris.

“Tefal is more than just a brand,” he said. “I’ve worked in Paris, and there it’s much more than just cookware. When I was called and invited to work with Tefal I was reminded of this and of working with Tefal.

“The Tefal brand is like Hoover in France. We don’t say, ‘hand me the pan’, we say ‘hand me the Tefal’, like you would say ‘hand me the Hoover’.”

Australia is one of the launch markets for the new cookware range. Brahimi was brought on to promote the range due to Groupe SEB’s desire to emphasise its high performance cooking credentials. The range will be marketed at the mid-to-high end of the market: home chefs, rather than home cooks.

When asked for his interpretation of how he came to work for Tefal, Brahimi was in a jocular mood.

“Tefal was looking for French chef and I’m the only French chef in Australia!” he said.

There are six pieces in the Heritage Range, all of them induction capable: 26-centimetre frypan (RRP $139), 30-centimetre (RRP $159), 28-centimetre crepe pan (RRP $119), 28-centimetre wok (RRP $169), 20-centimentre saucepan (RRP $159) and 28-centimetre sauté pan (RRP $189).

At launch, the new Guillaume Brahimi Tefal cookware range will only be sold at Myer stores.

Groupe SEB's media consultant Jody Hausmann with Guillaume Brahimi at the launch today.

The new Tefal Heritage crepe pan. This is the most French piece of cookware you can own.

The specially prepared menu for the launch at Guillaume.

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