Retravision tells stores “there is no need to panic”

By James Wells

Retravision Western CEO Paul Holt has told the 180 stores within the group “there is no need to panic” and they should all focus on preparing their stores for Christmas trading.

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Holt said he has received calls from a number of different stores and he is providing them with the same message.

“We are trying to engineer a process for our stores and we are communicating this in the best way we can and in good faith,” Holt told “The Narta group of companies and Leading Edge in coming days will be sending correspondence to the stores, but in the meantime the message is to sit tight and focus on your business and let the process unfold.

“There is no need to panic,” Holt said in the exclusive interview this morning.

“Narta and Leading Edge want to demonstrate that this is an attempt at a harmonious transfer and it is not a raid on their businesses which is precisely why there was clear notice provided to exit the brand.

“My advice to our stores has been consistent all along and that is to focus on managing their Christmas trade and then we can commence the change program early in the New Year.”

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